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My Freddles In A Different Style by electricanimegirl My Freddles In A Different Style :iconelectricanimegirl:electricanimegirl 17 5
Mature content
Haunting Memories {Part 1} :iconelectricanimegirl:electricanimegirl 3 7
I am a monster
I am not human
I never will be
I've been hurt
I've hurt others
I liked their pain
I think that's bad
I'm not so sure though
I'm scared of myself sometimes
I wonder what people think of me
I've cut myself, it made me feel better
I think I'm breaking
I know who hurt me
I don't know why
I don't know a lot of things
"I love you"
I don't know what that means
I scare people sometimes
I know people who don't except me
I make them except me
I think fucking away the pain is a good thing
I sometimes get lost in my memories
I killed someone when I was younger
I'm not sure if he actually died though
I wasn't the main culprit, my best friend was
I helped so that doesn't make me any less guilty
I may look happy on the outside
I may look alright
I'm always crying
I ran out of tears on the day of my death
I died
I know that being stabbed hurts
I feel numb sometimes
I feel like I might be repeating some things
I don't know
I'm lost
I want help
I cannot get help
I am de
:iconelectricanimegirl:electricanimegirl 4 4
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✦Welcome to an Emo Potato's Deviantart✦

------> My ask account :iconask-fnaf-humanoids:

||IRL FRIENDO|| :iconfaykerwa: Check her out O3O

Amazing peepo~
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My Freddles In A Different Style
I decided to make a giant picture
With a bunch of different drawings
Of my Freddy design in different
Artist's styles.
See, I'm impatient to show you guys
things, so I'm showing you this one early XP
It was really fun to make, and I love this art
Style so much OwO

The art style is be le wonderful :iconak-tastic:
QwQ I need more Freddy x Nightmare shippers

and I need more Fanart stat-

Almost no one ships it and I'm dying TTTT-TTTT
Alright! So I decided, I'll be starting my story for my FNaF Au, and...

I'll make a visual novel for it!!!! X3

Now a question for you guys is: Would you like to play as one of the characters (It'd be your choice as to who) or as yourself?
Hmmm >~> I can't decide what/who's FNaF Design I should make into a cosplay

Should I do my own? Someone else's?

Which character? TwT


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"Gold!" A voice called.

Oh that sweet sweet melodic voice. This man simply couldn't get enough of it.


It was so pure and innocent...the thought of taking away that innocence was like toxic music to his ears.

"Gold?!" The voice yelled in frustration, snapping the humanoid out of his thoughts.

"Yes my love?" He chuckled as he looked up at the irritated rabbit. His golden hair brushing gently across his features as he rested his head in the palm of his hand. "What ever is the matter?" He asked calmly, admiring Spring's ever so perfect face.

"Wake up." Spring Bonnie grumbled, eyes narrowing at the bear, clearly unhappy.

"But my dear bun, I'm already awake~" Gold cooed, watching as Spring's hands slammed themselves on the table.

"No you're not! You're dreaming again!" Spring shouted in irritation, throwing a lump of clothes at him. The rabbit placed his hands on his slender hips, giving a scolding look at his old partner.

In a flash, Gold was back in his putrid reality. He lay nude in a small bed, a single sheet covering him. His hair was clumped and messy, as if it hadn't been cared for for days, and his face was covered with old stains of blood. He slowly sat up in the bed, eyes quickly glancing at the bottles of whisky and cheap beer strewn across the floor. "I'd like to go back to sleep now.." He sighed, picking up one of the bottles with a few drops left. He eyed it before looking at Spring again. "Did we..."

"Have sex?" The rabbit finished bluntly. "Yes, now get dressed." Spring grabbed the bottle out of Gold's hands and trashed it, picking up some of the other bottles as well. "You know the guard can't keep buying you this...this toxic beverage!" He sniffled, running around the room to tidy things up.

Gold stared at him, watching as Spring rolled up his sleeves to wash the few dishes they had. There were bruises running up and down the poor rabbit's body. They were more like dents, but the synthetic skin they held made it look like human bruises. "Did I.."

"God you don't remember anything do you?" Spring cried, shutting the faucet off and pulling his sleeves down. "Let us get this straight okay?" He started walking over the empty bottles to the golden bear. "You're a no good abusive deadbeat alcoholic! You've ruined this pizzeria!" The rabbit looked ready to hit him. "All you do is drink, sleep, and beg for sex nowadays." Spring faltered, putting his hand back to his side.

Gold stared at him in silence, the memories of last nights events coming back to him. "Spring I-" The small rabbit wrapped his arms around the bear, trembling. Sobs wracked through Spring's body, oil spilling down his cheeks. It was only then...that Gold had noticed the endless oil stains covering his face.

"Why did you do it? Why Gold why?" He sputtered out, holding tightly onto the bear. "That poor kid..." He whimpered, feeling Gold wrap his arms around his waist. His sobbing quieted, and all of a sudden...he was scared. "G-gold no..p-please don't touch m-me...I don't want to d-die..I-I know you tell m-me not to talk b-but..." He started sobbing again. "D-don't make me wear the m-muzzle either!" Spring choked out, pushing Gold's hands off him and scrambling up. He tripped over a bottle in an attempt to distance himself, landing on the ground with a loud thud.

Gold stared, bewildered for a moment. A muzzle? Almost instinctively, he stuck a hand under the bed, reaching around until he found what Spring had been talking about. He pulled it out, then looked at the nervous wreck on the floor, beaten and bruised. "I did this..? All this..?" He asked, tossing the muzzle around in his hands.

Spring stumbled back to his feet, eyes glued to the floor. "You ask that same question everyday Gold." He mumbles softly. "But then you add a few drinks to your system, and..." The bunny cautiously lifted a hand up, caressing Gold's face. "You stop being my Gold..." He pulled the bear to his eye level. "I miss you sometimes.." Spring pulled Gold into a gentle kiss. It was warm, filled with love and care...but then Spring backed away.

"Please, get dressed, we only have so long before we're brought to the new pizzeria."  The slender boy gave a small, saddened wave and left Gold in the room to think. He stared at the bottles on the ground. A few still held some liquor in them.

The bear didn't just want them to go to waste...regrettably, he took a few sips...and then a few more...and a few the time there was none left..."SPRING GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" No response. Gold growled animalistically, slamming the door open with already, his thirteenth bottle. It had been only an hour since Spring had left him. "I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD RUN OFF AND BE SOMEONE ELSES WHORE FOR THE DAY!" He roared, helplessly drunk, the day being like every other.

"No.." Spring sighed, handing a small pen back to the one and only Freddy Fazbear. "I apologize for my partner, he's going through some rough times." The rabbit gave a sheepish smile, his head hanging obediently low.

"Why do you let him drink his life away?" Freddy asked quietly, sitting on the stage.

"It comforts him.."

"My ass."

Gold stumbled to the pizzeria tables, tripping and landing on one of them before standing back up. "Oh this is how you treat me Spring? Real nice!" He growled, throwing the bottle at him. Spring ducked, covering his head with his hands, a scared squeak escaping his mouth.

"How many times have I told you Gold? Don't leave that room unless you're sober!" Freddy growled.

"Why? So you can steal my rabbit away from me? Just like you stole my stage!?" Gold hissed, stumbling forward.

Freddy started to stand up, getting ready to defend himself if needed. "If you hadn't been so reckless...I wouldn't have been created as a replacement for your dumb ass!" He reminded, stepping forward, blocking Spring from Gold's view.

Gold was furious, his eyes blazing with hate for the other bear. "That's it!" He screeched, lunging forward. The crazed blonde tackled Freddy to the ground, wrapping his hands around the other's neck. "I don't want to hear it from you! You couldn't understand! You weren't there!" He shouted, grip tightening.

Freddy gasped, quickly reaching up to pry Gold's hands off him. He thrashed around, pressure from the other's hands strengthening to an alarming rate. "Can't...." His voice broke completely as gold dug his nails into him. Sparks shot through his poor neck and he twitched, breaking.

Gold grinned, proud of his work. He would show Freddy how it feels to be truly broken, one way or another. Maybe it'd keep his mouth shut, forever. At least, that's what he was aiming for.

Of course, someone had to get in the way.

Spring scrambled up from his spot on the floor, pushing the drunk off of Freddy. "What is wrong with you!?" He whimpered, pulling the brown bear onto his lap. He shakily reached his hand over, poorly attempting to fix Freddy's voice, as well as his broken movements.

Freddy's head twitched spastically, kind of scaring Spring. Tears threatened to escape his eyes, an overwhelming feeling of alarm flowing through his body. He shakily tried repairing the wires with his fingers, not knowing how these things worked. When a wire sparked, he jumped, starting to cry. "Oh gosh...Fred..Freddy..." His lip quivered as he tried to keep himself together.

"Is that how you wanna play this, Spring?" Gold cracked his knuckles, anger levels rising. "You wanna side with the copy-cat? Newer's better now is it? IT IS ISN'T IT!?" He roared, slamming his fist on one of the cheap pizzeria tables. It cracked, the wood breaking into two. The rabbit trembled, squeezing his eyes shut. The poor thing was so very scared out of his mind.

"N-no..I-I just..." More fear filled tears dripped down his cheeks. "You were going to kill him...Gold." Spring sniffled, wiping at his eyes. "I don't want you to do anything you'll regret..."

"The only thing I regret is having such a damn pussy as a partner!" Gold snarled, baring his razor-sharp teeth. He tore his eyes away from Spring, taking in a few deep breaths, low growls audible. Blinking a few times, he slowly moved forward, closer to the two on the ground.

Spring scooted away, gently pulling Freddy with him. "Wait I- Spring...I didn't mean..." Gold gave a nervous laugh. "You know I'd never mean that!" He knelt down and reached forward, cupping Spring's face in his hands. "Darling, I love you...please, don't cry." But it was too late. The small rabbit was already sobbing, rivers of tears spilling down his face. Gold gulped, taking in his lover's sorrow filled face. There was silence, the only thing heard was the whizzing of Freddy's broken mechanics.

There were mere sniffles coming from the humanoid bun. "Hey...hey...shh shh shh..." Gold tried comforting, but it all seemed pointless. He sighed, pushing some strayed hairs away from Spring's face. "I'm sorry...I'm so'll be alright." He leaned forward, once more stealing an innocent kiss from his rabbit. There was a small peep from the other, but nonetheless, the tear covered humanoid accepted the tender warmth of lips pressing against lips.

Gold pulled him closer, turning the kiss into something devious. His lips left his beloved's mouth, and traveled down towards his neck, running soft kisses and teasing nips across it. Spring gasped, a small surprised gasp. Gold smirked, going back to kissing him, slowly untying Spring's neatly tied bow. The smaller flinched, feeling Gold start to unbutton his shirt and pull it down. He could still feel the other injured bear on his lap..that made him snap out of this little trance Gold had put him in.

Spring slapped Gold, pushing him away fast. He pulled his shirt back up, buttoning it all over again. He gave a disgusted look towards his wreck of a partner who was still recovering from that slap. His ears lowered and he gave an unthreatening growl. He hadn't growled before...not ever. "How f**king dare you!" Spring shouted, livid. "There is a malfunctioning bear on my lap and what do you do?! You try to seduce me into feeling better !?" He snorted, something bunnies typically do along with a growl when feeling threatened. He was in great disbelief. "I've had enough of this Gold! I don't want to see you again!" He shouted, starting to wrack out sobs again.
Haunting Memories {Part 1}
So this is part one of a two part story about SpringBonnie and Fredbear's past~

Lemme know if this was good or bad- 

Or if I should even upload the next part-

I hope you liked it ^~^;


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SaitouHime145 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyy there ^w^) it's me. Just wondering, how's our trades of your part going?
electricanimegirl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's almost done-- School's over so I should be able to look it over and upload it soon. I'm sorry it's taking so long T3T
NicoleLU-Senpai Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I plz ask you something??… can I use this as my profile pic? I'll give you both credit
electricanimegirl Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course ^-^
NicoleLU-Senpai Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank u
electricanimegirl Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem X3
TIWWYNEO Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
May I ask you a question about MMD?
How do you render MMD into a video file? 
I have everything ready but I can't render it into a video file.
Like, I have no idea which option I supposed to use?
If you could enlighten me it would be great (3
love your works.
electricanimegirl Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
First, go to the box under the 'Play' button. Then set the first box to 0
Then set the box next to it, to whatever frame you want your video to stop at
Next, Go to 'view'
Go to 'Screen size'
And make sure it's set to "Width: 1920 Length: 1080"
Go to the file tab
Then select "Render to AVI File"
Name your file
Hit save
Then hit okay
And in order to make it playable, you should open windows movie maker
Then go to 'File' and then 'Save movie'
And click recommended for this project.

I hope this helped ^-^ and thanks X3
Faykerwa Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Heya brosif, were the fuck is ur ask me shit-
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Look at my bio you dweeb
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